April 3, 2012


Rachelle Ferrell, the woman with the UNBELIEVABLE voice, will never get her just do as one of the best singers of all time. She's known as a contemporary jazz artist, but has managed to cross over into the R&B, pop and classical genres.

Not only can she sing, she's a songwriter and a musician (plays the violin and piano). She has worked with such legends like Lou Rawls and George Duke.  Checkout her YouTube Aretha 70th Birthday Wishes. This lady needs to be on TV One's Unsung!!!


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Maurice Thorn on April 5, 2012 6:00 AM
There are a lot of artists in the R&B field that have not received the recognition they deserve.  I am glad the TV-ONE is highlingting these artists.   Thanks for doing your part as well on the Mason Blog!!!

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