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Women headline holiday movies but still face 'celluloid ceiling'
Women play starring roles in a flurry of films that will carry through the holiday season. But when it comes to the status of women in Hollywood, as Thursday's Golden Globe nominations suggested, it often feels like there's a step back -- or at least a pause -- for every step forward.

'Baby, It's Cold Outside' stirs radio debate
Baby, it may be cold outside, but this week, it's been colder on 96.5 KOIT's Facebook page.

'Black Panther' breaks through at Golden Globes, with an eye on Oscars
"Black Panther" is looking like the answer to Hollywood's prayers as the industry embarks on awards season, adding blockbuster sizzle to an annual ritual that has been reluctant to acknowledge its costume-clad box-office stars.

Kevin Hart and the art of the celebrity apology
Hollywood is filled with comeback stories of stars who have made mistakes and found redemption.

'Game of Thrones' drops new trailer and it's icy
Winter is coming.

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