We are the proud descendants of Samuel Mason and Mary Dowman Mason. Through this beautiful union five children were born: Andrew Mason (Uncle Ander), Isaac Mason (Uncle Ike), Mary Eliza Mason (Aunt Liza), Fannie Mae Mason (Aunt Fannie) and John Mason (Uncle Buddy).

The Family Tree
The Family Tree

Uncle Ander had a son, James Mason. Cousin James was later raised by his 
Uncle Raymond and Aunt Liza Lake.

Uncle Ike was the bachelor of the family. He did not have any children.

The eldest sister, Mary Eliza Mason (1896-1960), married Raymond Lake in Maryland in 1918. This sweet union produced five wonderful children: Clarence Lake (Shoog), James Roland Lake (Roland), Bivian Lake (Sis), Richard A. Lake (Sonny) and Shirley L. Lake (Lucille). Raymond Lake had another son, Elmer Lake, from a previous relationship. 

Mary Eliza's home place was located at Box 75 RD1 Hartly Delaware. 
Her home church was Blanco AME Church located in Clayton Delaware.

The youngest sister, Fannie Mae Mason (1900-1971), married Elwood Ruley in Maryland sometime in the 1900s. This lovely union produced fourteen marvelous children: Clifton Ruley, Earl Ruley, Audrey Ruley, Edna Ruley, Shirley Ruley, Elwood Ruley JR, Edith Ruley, Margaret Ruley, Grover Ruley, Hazel Ruley, Paul Ruley, Melvin Ruley and Marvin Ruley. 
Please note Robert Ruley died at birth. 

Fannie Mae's home place, known as "Mom's Place", is located at 
6814 Baltimore Ave, Fernwood Pennsylvania.

Uncle Buddy had one son, Charles Mason, who died at the tender age of 16 due to tonsillitis.


Today, the Mason Legacy (Sisterhood) continues to grow through 
Mary Eliza and Fannie Mae. 


I challenge you family, the Lakes and Ruleys, to continue this legacy, and pass our heritage on to the next generation....