Birthday Reflections
Your birthday's a time for careful reflection
About your life, and its future direction.
You see where you've been when you look at the past;
Most of it's great; you had quite a blast!

 You wonder what's coming, what life has in store;
Will it be just the same? Will there be a new door?
Remember this, as you blow out the last candle;
Life holds no challenge that you cannot handle.
By Joanna Fuchs

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Carole Ann "Ruley" Kattes, (1st)
* Henry N. Marshall Sr (3rd)
Ronnae Jackson (5th)
Ian Ruley (7th)
George D. King (8th)
* Wendy Demby (10th)
Tracey Taylor-Blackwell (15th)

* Richard A. Lake, Sonny, (16th)
Christian AJ Thorn (18th)
Lisa V. Thorn (21st)
Marvin Jackson (25th)
* Marilynn Thorn (25th)
* Paul Ruley (30th)

* Mary Eliza "Mason" Lake (31st),  born 1896


Wayne Ruley (2nd)
Sandra Spicer (3rd)
Jonathan Ross (11th)
Queen Evans (20th)
Enjoli Ruley (23rd)
Blainer Ruley (24th)
Siani Ruley (24th)
*Audrey Ruley (27th)


* Alvin E. Lake (1st)
Denise K. Ewell (1st)
Clayton Ruley (4th)
Leonard King (4th)
Shai C. Ruley (6th)
Ania Ruley-Williams (7th)
Terrence D. Reid (9th)
Karen M. Thorn (15th)
Nashuya T. Ruley (15th)
Michael R. Ruley (16th)
Kevonte Thomas (17th)
Tanjala M. Garcia (22nd)
Dannielle Hadley (24th)
George B. King (25th)
* RET SGM James Thorn (28th)


Audrey Jackson (6th)
Eric Hadley (13th)
Jonaya Ross (14th)
Marian Ruley (18th)
* Lloyd Reid (19th)
*Ralph King (20th)
* Clifton C. Ruley Sr. (25th)

Antonio Blackwell (28th)


Debbie Taylor (3rd)
* Raymond Lake (3rd), born 1894
* Dorothy Lake (7th)
*David E. Bradley (8th)
Valerie L. Bradley (16th)

* Fannie Mae "Mason" Ruley (11th), born 1900
* Bivian Jackson Demby (13th)
Carlton Ruley (23rd)
Zandra Reid (30)


Donald Clark (1st)
Anthony Jackson (5th)
Don Demby (6th)

* Shirley Ruley (6th)
Shantae Lake (7th)
* Sylvester Davis (7th)
Antoine B. Thorn (10th)
Aeden M. Ewell (11th)

Andre' Evans (12th)
* James A. Mason (13th)
* Clarence E. Lake, Shoog, (17th)

Deanna Ford (17th)
Faye Ruley (18th)

* Elwood Ruley Sr. (19th), born 1898

Corlet Demby (20th)
Hakiem Price (20th)
Vanessa Jackson (21st)
* Brenda I. Bradley (25th)

* Edna Ruley (25th)
Wanda Clark (26th)


Dawn Richmond (1st)
* James (Earl) Ruley (1st)
Pat Ruley (1st)
Lazeha Madison (5th)
Dasia Taylor (5th)

Hazel Taylor (5th)
Dorian Ford (7th)
Hector H. Garcia (12th)

* Melvin and Marvin Ruley (12th)
Ashley Bradley (14th)
Chloe E. Stotter-Ruley (14th)
Ron Jackson (14th)
*Arnold Jackson (15th)
Kim Marshall (15th)
Taheem Hosendove (19th)

* Grover Ruley Sr.(20th)
Indya Demby-Williams (29th)
Sanai C. Ruley (30th)


Raekwon Jackson (2nd)
* Lisa A. Thorn (3rd)
Russell Ewell Jr. (3rd)
Stefan Ewell (5th)
Glenn Jackson (6th)
Elwood Ruley Jr. (16th)
Myra E. "Ruley" Anderson (20th)
James Earl Ruley Jr., Jaru,  (21st)
Mae E. "Ruley" Hadley (26th)
Christine King (27th)
Barbara King (29th)
Donald Miller (29th)
Barry Ruley (30th)


Denisha Ford (1st)
Edward Ruley (5th)
Terri Ruley-Evans (10th)
Irissah King (11th)
Randall J. Thorn (11th)

Doris Ruley (13th)
Gordon P. Thorn (13th)
Maurice F. Thorn (13th)
Max Evan Stotter-Ruley (14th)
Mildred O. "Ruley" Murray (15th)
Tanisha J. Thorn (15th)
Calvin L. Ruley (16th)

Tamika Ruley (18th)
* Arlene Ruley (21st)
Joey Demby (27th)


Delores Ruley (1st)
Melvin Ruley Jr. (2nd)
Dana Ruley (3rd)
Geremy P. Thorn (7th)
Denise I. Brandley (8th)
Gyan King (10th)

*Shirley L. Thorn (18th)
Donne Ruley-Burney (23rd)
April Ruley (24th)
Anthony B. Thorn (27th)
Pansy M. Jackson (28th)


Amaya Ross (1st)
Gail E. "Ruley" Singleton (1st)
Gyan King (7th)
Tasha Jackson (12th)
Maya Mikayla Blackwell (15th)
Rochelle Bryant (15th)
Elon Ruley (22nd)
Margaret Reid (22nd)
Keith B. Ruley (23rd)
Ronald W. Lake (25th)


* James R. Lake, Roland, (1st)
Kamaren Dixon (2nd)
* Mary E. Marshall (3rd)
*Maurice K. Bradley (5th)
Jade E. Clash (8th)
Jermar Ruley (11th)
Lakeem Price (20th)
Cameron Ruley (25th)
Jeff Jackson (25th)

** Remembering those who have gone before us, but never forgotten...

 Warm Birthday Wishes To All!